City of Belmont

Main Street District


Belmont's Main Street Program has a city council approved board for the enhancement and protection of Downtown Belmont. It is comprised of representatives from citizens inside the city limits, business persons with interests in the downtown area, property owners within the downtown district, council members or other persons with knowledge or abilities deemed beneficial to the purpose of the city. The board works on behalf of the City of Belmont and serves the city's interests in relation to the goals and priorities established by City Council.

The Belmont's Main Street Program follows the Main Street approach to downtown revitalization which involves four volunteer committees: Design, Economic Restructuring, Organization, and Promotions. The Board of Directors and these four committees work simultaneously to achieve their separate goals and objectives by executing specific projects that have been identified as being necessary, appropriate, and realistic.

~~Downtowns are important, they are a critical piece of a community's overall economic vitality, representing a major aspect of both public and private investments. It is the window to the community, the view through which people can judge a community's sense of being and it's self-image. Investing in downtown with both public and private dollars is an investment in the whole community~~

« Downtown Belmont is weaving a history of active local living with  diverse outdoor recreation and family friendly entertainment. with a growing collection of independently owned businesses, historic downtown belmont exemplifies our local values that support an entrepreneurial environment. »